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-The cost to replace cabinetry is significant, especially if you want to replace with high quality cabinets.  The standard cabinets of today are not built with the same quality materials as they used to be, unless you purchase the highest end cabinets which are very expensive.  By refinishing your cabinets, you can save a lot and get the same results for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

-James Rader Painting, LLC. offers a cabinet refinishing service of the highest quality. This process restores your cabinets to like new condition, ensuring a factory finished look and a finish that will last.

-The doors/drawers are removed and taken to our workshop to be restored.  The built in boxes of the cabinets are restored in place in your home with a 2 day process.  During this on-site work, there is a triple HEPA filtration system running the entire time.  All sanding is done with a dustless state-of-the-art system and a dust barrier is installed around the work area. The sprayer used is an HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) system which provides the smoothest finish and has the highest transfer rate of any spray technology.  The technology was invented in California about 50 years ago because of environmental concerns and safety. This means that 87% of the finish sprayed actually ends up on the surface.  This is the highest rate available.  There is almost no overspray. The HEPA filtration used during the work contains any of the remaining dust.  Any intake ducts in the work area are covered with temporary filters to prevent the minimal dust that remains from migrating through your HVAC system.


The refinishing process:

-The cabinets are thoroughly cleaned using a de-greaser. This step is extremely important and must be done before sanding to avoid contaminants being pushed even deeper into the wood, which would prevent bonding of the primer.

-Every surface is then sanded to create a mechanical bond between the primer and substrate.  This is another step that can't be skipped or done without care.

-Any damaged existing coatings are sanded aggressively and stripped to bare wood where necessary.

-Cabinets are primed and repaired using the highest quality stain blocking/bonding primer.

-The doors/drawers can be filled and re drilled at this point to fit any hardware you'd like.

-The primer is sanded and the cabinets are cleaned again.

-3 Coats of Finish are sprayed and the final coat cures in 24 hours allowing a quick return to service and installation of the doors and drawers

-After the doors and drawers are refinished, they're delivered and installed in 1 working day.

-Then, you can enjoy you're restored cabinets and feel good about refinishing your cabinets on a number of levels.


Here's a cherry wood kitchen in Bucks County, PA that was in need of some serious TLC.



This is a photo of the re-installation before adding hardware.



Here's the same kitchen, in the process of having new updated pulls installed on the doors and drawers.

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